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How a British welcome should be

This Saturday, hundreds of pilgrims will go to a small city north of London to watch giant puppets perform the story of the man whose name it now bears. In Roman times, the city was called Verulamium, and under the rule of Emperor Domitian, to be a Christian there was a capital offence.  One day, a citizen there heard a knock at the door. Outside was a bedraggled foreigner wearing the black robe of a Christian priest. The man ushered him inside to protect him.  Over the next few days, the priest told him all about the life, death and resurrection of Jesus - and his chance to share in eternal life.  The next time the door knocked, there were soldiers outside. Instantly, the man donned the priest’s robe and ran outside, distracting the squad while the priest escaped. He was caught instead of the priest. Some say that this priest, Amphibalus, fled to Lichfield and was martyred here, though this may not be true.  Recognised as the Roman citizen he was, the man was given a second chance: …

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