Sunday, 31 October 2010

St Luke's Hospital Chapel, Tokyo
This morning, I went to Mass at the Anglican chapel of St Luke's International Hospital in Tsukiji, near the famous fish market.  The chapel was built in the 1920s in Gothic style with clear Oxford Movement influences.  It boasts a fine choir and organ and a Catholic liturgical sensibility.  The blessed sacrament is reserved in a tabernacle on the High Altar, which seems to be fairly rare in Japanese Anglican churches.
The Chaplain, Fr Kevin Seaver, is a friendly Anglo-Catholic American priested a few years ago.  He has lived in Japan for some 25 years now. 
All services are in Japanese, but the liturgy is familiar enough for a non-speaker to follow what is going on, and the Sunday morning Eucharist is open to all. 
The congregation and Fr Kevin were very welcoming, and I would highly recommend the church to any visitors or residents in Tokyo, especially those longing for a traditional church environment. 

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