BBC E-mail: Convicted prisoners to get vote

Thousands of convicted UK prisoners are to get the right to vote following a European ruling that the present ban, dating from 1870, is unlawful.

So, Europe has the final say in matters of English jurisprudence.  Better still:

Lawyers have said a failure to comply could cost hundreds of millions of pounds in legal costs and compensation.
I see.  And that'd be on top of the £12-14bn we already pay, not to mention the speculative cost of the CAP to the British economy?

Our continued membership of the EU makes replacing Trident look like pocket money.  

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  1. The EU: we budget billions to a barely accountable bunch of political hasbeens who don't have the acumen to succeed in domestic politics, so that they can tell us how to run our country. What could possibly be the catch?


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