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De Botton: "only religion takes sex seriously."

De Botton recently defended his latest book, Religion for Atheists, in the Spectator from crushing reviews by Terry Eagleton, among others. I haven't read the book and probably won't, given that Eagleton's indictment is far more interesting than de Botton's rebuffal of it.

That said, de Botton did say one thing in the Spectator article which made me ponder:
"Three of my fellow males admitted they'd recently come through profound periods of internet porn addiction - not the mild curiosity one can expect, the sort where you can't wait to get home to look up the latest offering and are up till 3a.m. every night. This makes me think that nowadays, only religions really still take sex seriously, in the sense of properly respecting its power to turn us away from our priorities." I'd be among the first to admit that the Church has of late been depressingly one-tracked minded, particularly as far as homosexuality, the status of women and contraception g…

Catechetics Online

An exceptionally useful resource for any preacher: S. Thomas Aquinas' anthology of Patristic commentary on the four gospels arranged by chapter:
Catechetics Online

Thanks to Étienne Démons for the link.

King's College Chapel

A frozen waterfall:
Ceiling stones plunge
To the depths of Heaven.

Nito Shinkage Ryu 二刀神影流鎖鎌術

This video should serve as a brief introduction for my Budo friends to the school of kusarigama (sickle and chain) in which I trained while living in Kochi eight years ago. It practises only in Kochi, and these are the very gentlemen I used to train under. The unique feature of the school is that it uses two kusarigama, one held in each hand.