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The Ten Lepers

Today's story is partly  about taboos and boundaries broken.  By law, Jewish biblical Law,  the lepers are supposed to be outside the village and stay there,  but they come in to see Jesus.  They are supposed to go about in rags  ringing bells  and shouting unclean,  to announce their presence  so that the clean can get out of their way,  but they come to speak to Jesus. 
But they're too scared to break the taboos completely.  They are still imprisoned by the law,  all but one of them.  They stand "some way off,"  a respectable, lawful distance from the clean folk.  And when they are healed,  they won't come to Jesus,  because lepers had to go to the priests to be proclaimed clean  before they could mix with the rest of us again.  Of course, you know, lepers never actually get clean,  so whatever they had was probably not leprosy as we know it,  but something else,  because it was something that was curable:  when you were cured,  you had to go by law to the priests  to be pronounced heal…