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An Epiphany walk on the Dark Side

If Star Wars were real (apologies to anyone who wrote "Jedi" on the last Census), you might think the Dark Side of the Force was in the ascendant. The world is in darkness, and it desperately needs light. A pretty uncontroversial statement, obvious enough from just the briefest glance at the news, at first sight even a platitude, because pretty much everyone, hand on heart, could say the same thing: as long as they're the ones who've got the light.

I'm going to say that the world needs light, and not just any light, but the Epiphany light of Christ. But I'm not going to say that we in the Church are the exclusive bearers of that light, and that everyone outside the Church is dwelling in utter blind, darkness. That's because I believe that the light of Christ, the Epiphany light, is unique, different from the kinds of light that people want to shine in each other's eyes.

Broadly, there are two ways of looking at the darkness of the world. The first is…