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Pentecost 2016

There was a time when all was not; before even the void of chaos. And yet to call it time is an error, for it was (it is) beyond all time, all matter. Absolute nothingness: emptiness paradoxically pregnant with infinitude. The emptiness of a Virgin’s womb. The emptiness of an empty tomb.

And from this nothingness, ex nihilo, sprung water. And in that selfsame moment the Spirit breathed out and moved upon the waters rippling them into passing dunes of Being. And in that selfsame moment all as in a single grain of sand, a child was born, a Temple fell, a veil was torn, a dead man rose.

Churches laid out in the ancient way, as ours is, carve in stone and trace in image the life pilgrimage of a Christian: from the Font at the West and entrance to the Church in Baptism, through the great ship of the Nave where the congregation prays and learns, to reach the mystic East and the altar, the Eucharist where earth meets heaven as earthly food becomes the bread of angels, and the Christian join…