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Today's Taboo Ten Lepers

Talking to lepers was taboo in biblical times. By Jewish Law, lepers had to stay outside the village in their rags and bells to make their coming. But in today’s Gospel they break the boundary and cross over to speak to Our Lord.
The lepers were too scared to break the taboo completely: they kept their distance from all the respectable folk. But when they called, Our Lord doubled the taboo and went to talk to them. He made them clean but they couldn’t go back to him or to mainstream society until the priests had given them the all clear. That was the Law.
One of the lepers clearly didn’t know this, so he went back to Jesus anyway, to thank him. He was double the outcast, because he was also a foreigner, a Samaritan, which might explain why he didn’t know the rules. The taboo is broken a third time now: but Our Lord does not tell the foreign leper off. He praises him. And so Jesus himself becomes a lawbreaker and outsider, compounds the evidence that he should be crucified.
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