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Are you ready? Sermon for Advent Sunday

Are you ready? For some people, a terrifying question in the lead up to the Advent or Coming of Our Lord at Christmas. Terrifying because of all the overtime you’ll have to work to be able to afford the children’s presents, perhaps. Terrifying because of all the preparation and cooking and shopping to do before the family descends, terrifying because of the arguments that might break out with relatives you have to see but really don’t want to. Terrifying because it’s your first, or second, or third, or tenth Christmas alone, without someone important you used to share it with every year. Plenty of reasons for Advent, the season of waiting in deep, dark purple for the shining gold and light of Christmas to be a time of dreadful rather than joyful anticipation.

Well, I suppose I could stand here and try to cheer you up about it all. That’s what a lot of clergy do nowadays in Advent, after all, representing it as a time of comfort, hot chicken soup for our wintry souls. There are modern…