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Christianity and True Pure Land Buddhism Kindle e-booklet: $2.99/£1.99

Why has True Pure Land Buddhism, the largest Buddhist sect in Japan, received so little attention in the West? And how might its founder Shinran Shonin's teachings of salvation by 'faith' or 'deep entrusting' contribute to Christian disputes in a similar vein?
This small book outlines True Pure Land doctrine and draws on the theology of Dionysius the Areopagite to consider such questions and suggest how Christians might learn from and engage with Buddhism. Scholarly but readable, it will be of interest to general readers in Christianity and Buddhism, historians of the western reception of Buddhism, and anyone interested in comparative theology and inter-faith encounter.

Pentecost: How to become a better lover

Love’s ardour caught the imagination of both the world and the Church last weekend: the Church, because it was Pentecost, and the world, because of the Royal Wedding. At the latter, it was no coincidence that the American Anglican Bishop Curry preached - memorably - on love as a fire which burns in every heart: for that is what the Holy Spirit, which descended on the Apostles fifty days after Easter, is all about. It is the Spirit of that divine love which is not just characteristic of God, but, St John reports, actually is God.
Pentecost existed before the Christian Church. It was a Jewish festival, and this is the reason so many Jews from so many nations, speaking all their different languages, were gathered in Jerusalem at the time. They had come, fifty days after the Passover, to mark the gift of God to Moses of the Law, the Torah which forms the heart of the Jewish faith and scriptures. So, it was a fitting time for the Holy Spirit to descend on the Apostles, appearing to them…