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Weak prayer means weak mission

“The mission of the Church is weak because its prayer is weak.”
Not my words, but those of the Franciscan friar, Fr William of Glasshampton. If you haven't heard of him, you might assume that he is some dim and distant mediaeval figure, perhaps around the time of our native diocesan patron saint Chad, pre-Reformation, definitely Roman Catholic. If so, I'm afraid you're wrong: because Fr William was a Victorian friar of the Church of England. People these days are sometimes surprised to hear that we still have monks, nuns and friars in the C of E: weren’t they all suppressed by King Henry VIII during the Reformation? Well yes, they were; but they were revived in the mid 1800s and they exist still today.
Glasshampton, the house which Fr William founded, still exists close to my parents' house, in Shrawley, Worcestershire. Nowadays it is the training house where Anglican novice friars receive their initial formation in the Franciscan spiritual life. You can go there on r…