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The Narrow Door

The door is narrow, and closing shut: outside, weeping and gnashing of teeth.

I would love to know how this is being preached in churches around the country today. Actually, I probably wouldn’t. Because while I know the stereotype among people who don’t go to church is that preachers pound the pulpit and pontificate on punishment and purgation every Sunday, the reality is far less interesting. What is probably going on is that the preacher is focussing on the nice bit at the end, where people come from all over the world to join the Kingdom of Heaven, and trying to brush over the hard sayings at the beginning.

Anyone who thinks the Church has tried to airbrush Our Lord into some kind of hippy peacenik will have to ask themselves how these words managed to get left in. The most likely answer to that question is that He actually said them. He actually said that the door is narrow, that many who try to enter will fail, that it will one day be closed for good. So, while we’re here, we’d b…

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